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Codroy Valley

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Follow the Trans Canada for 40 km from Port aux Basques and you'll be at the Codroy Valley. This scenic valley surrounds the large estuary of the Grand Codroy River. Codroy Valley Provincial Park lies at the mouth of the estuary. The valley also surrounds the Little Codroy River. The Codroy Valley is made up of several small communities including Tompkins, Saint Andrews, Benoit's Siding, Doyles, Upper Ferry, O'Regan's & Searston. You drive through the Codroy Valley to reach the town of Codroy and Cape Anguille.

As you drive along the Trans Canada, you'll see several examples of 'Hanging Valleys' in the long range mountains. Hanging Valleys were created by different rates of glacial erosion thousands years ago. Hanging Valleys are suspended high in the mountain range. They often create small waterfalls where they join the main valley.

The Codroy Valley is an area where you can easily spend a few days. If you are driving the Trans Canada from Port aux Basques, you'll come to three exits for the Codroy Valley. The first one is Route 407 which takes you along the Little Codroy River to St. Andrews. The second exit is Route 406 to Doyles and Upper Ferry, NL. The third exit is Doyles Station Road.

If you turn left on Doyles Station Road, you'll pass the Doyles post office and a Home Hardware Store. You can buy propane at the Home Hardware. They fill the standard 20 lb. and 30lb. propane tanks along with just about everything else you can think of. I got replacement tailights for my trailer here. I also picked up what I needed to winterize the trailer in the fall.

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Hanging Valley in Long Range Mountains near Doyles, NL
Home Hardware, Doyles, NL, just off TCH

Continue down the road and you'll see the Grand Codroy RV Park on your right. Turn in here, even if you don't need a place to camp. There is a craft store in a white building at the entrance to the park. This is one of the best craft stores you will find in Newfoundland. They have quality crafts made by local artisans at great prices. When you are at the craft store, ask for a copy of the Codroy Valley Travellers Guide. They produce this guide and hand it out for free. It goes into a lot of detail for even more places to stop while you are touring the valley. The park also has a laundromat, hiking trail and great views of both the Long Range Mountains and the Grand Codroy River Estuary.

Grand Codroy RV Park, Doyles, NL
Country Crafts, Doyles, NL

When you leave the RV park, turn right and follow the road until it joins up with 406 again. Turn right and drive to the next town which is Upper Ferry. You can turn right here and a bridge takes you to the north side of the valley. The bridge was not always here and that's why the town is called Upper Ferry. Before you cross the bridge you'll see the Wetlands Interpretation Centre. There is also a trail across the road that takes you all the way back to the RV park. This is a great trail for birding. It's well maintained and easy hiking.

Wetlands Interpretation Centre, Codroy Valley, Upper Ferry, NL
Wetlands Trail, Codroy Valley, Upper Ferry, NL

Cross the bridge, if you turn right you can explore O'Regan's. If you turn left you are heading towards Cape Anguille. Several of the properties around O'Regan's have old railway boxcars on them. Newfoundland had a narrow gauge railway that crossed the island. The railway was closed permanently in 1988. When they closed the railway, they sold off old boxcars for $300 each. Local truckers in Port aux Basques would delivery the boxcars for an additional $300. Local property owners had a large storage shed for only $600.

Upper Ferry Bridge, Long Range Mountains in background
Boxcar Shed, O'Regan's, NL

Driving west along Route 406 on the north side of the valley is very picturesque. You'll come to an intersection where Route 407 meets 406. On the corner to your left is E.W. Gales General Store. They've got just about anything you can think of. You can continue on 406 to Codroy and Cape Anguille, or you can turn left towards Codroy Valley Provincial Park.

E.W. Gale General Store, Codroy Valley, NL
Codroy, Newfoundland
Holy Trinity Church, Codroy, NL
Cape Anguille, NL

If you decide to head towards Codroy Valley Provincial Park, you'll come to Chap's Garage on the left side (east side) of the road. Chap has a little museum that's loaded with memorabilia from the 50's. He'll give you a personal tour that's well worth the $5.00 admission. Continue to the park, which is a sandy spit across the mouth of the estuary.

Chap's Garage, Codroy Valley, NL
Codroy Valley Provincial Park

There is a parking area on the east side of the road. You can stop and explore the beaches and dunes. Continue on the road and you'll come to a unique one-lane bridge that crosses the mouth of the Grand Codroy River.

After you cross the bridge, go to the first paved road and turn left. This takes you past the Silver Sands Restaurant and back along the south side of the valley towards Upper Ferry. The Silver Sands is a great place to stop for lunch or dinner. They must have liked us, because when we were there, we go free cupcakes! From the Silver Sands front deck you have a great view of the valley and the park.

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Codroy Valley Provincial Park, One-Lane Bridge
Silver Sands Restaurant, Searston, NL

Near Codroy Valley:

Robinsons, NL
Port aux Basques

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