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Birds of Newfoundland

Roger Tory Peterson visited Newfoundland in 1948. He was already well known for publishing several Peterson Field Guides including "A Field Guide to the Birds" published in 1934. Birds of Newfoundland contains 32 colour plates by Peterson.

The book describes over 170 birds that you can find in Newfoundland. 29 of these were not on the Peterson plates and are represented by other artists.

Cover, Birds of Newfoundland
Peterson Plates, Birds of Newfoundland

There is a wealth of information about each bird. It's a fairly easy process to identify your bird, especially if you've taken a photograph. The book tells you where you will find the birds and what time of the year you can see them.

In the paired pictures below you can see some birds that we have photographed and where we took the photo. The matching pages from Birds of Newfoundland are also shown.

Birds of Newfoundland, Herring Gull
Herring Gull, St. Anthony
Birds of Newfoundland, Greater Yellow Legs
Greater Yellow Legs, Lark Harbour
Birds of Newfoundland, Double-Crested Cormorant
Double-Crested Cormorant, Port Saunders
Birds of Newfoundland, Cedar Waxwing
Cedar Waxwing, Codroy Valley

For more details on the book, you can take a look at this pdf with sample pages from the publisher.

You can purchase Birds of Newfoundland through the links below.

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