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Cape Anguille

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You need to take a scenic drive through the Codroy Valley to get to Cape Anguille, which is the western most point on the island of Newfoundland. From The Trans Canada, take Route 406. You'll cross the Grand Codroy River in Upper Ferry. Before you cross the bridge there's a spot you can buy gas and get a coffee or lunch. The prettiest part of the drive comes after you cross the river.

Follow 406 until you get to Codroy, Newfoundland. You'll see Holy Trinity Church on your left as you come into town. Continue down the road to the lighthouse road. The lane to the lighthouse is not paved and fairly rough.

The Cape Anguille Lighthouse Inn is situated in the former home of the lighthouse keeper and his family.

Cape Anguille is one of those areas where a camera just does not do it justice. You can walk along a quad trail which goes from the Inn, past the lighthouse and down the coast quite a ways. The people at the Inn told us that you can frequently see whales here. We were not that lucky, but we did see a seal. The ground along the shore is very level and an easy walk for most.

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For more information and history about the Cape Anguille Lighthouse, click here.

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Cape Anguille Lighthouse
Cape Anguille Lighthouse
Cape Anguille Lighthouse
Cape Anguille Quad Trail

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If you follow the trail to the left from the light house there are some nice surprises. The rock layering along here is really amazing. You will also see a variety of birds including cormorants.

As we walked we came upon the remnants of the ship wreck S.S. Mareotis. There is very little left of it but enough to know it had been a large vessel.

Built in 1899, the Mareotis was wrecked in June 1900. It was a British cargo ship with a load of lumber that it was transporting from Quebec to Liverpool. No lives were lost. What you see is all that remains of a ship that was 330 ft long.

Trail at Cape Anguille Lighthouse
Trail at Cape Anguille Lighthouse
Wreck of the S.S. Mareotis at Cape Anguille Lighthouse
Wreck of the S.S. Mareotis at Cape Anguille Lighthouse

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