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Sheaves Cove, Hidden Falls

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Entry Sign, Hidden Waterfalls, Sheaves Cove, NL
Sheaves Cove Beach, Port au Port, NL

Sheaves Cove is located along the southern coast of the Port-au-Port Peninsula. If you are driving west along Highway 460 it is about 5 minutes past the Atlantic Minerals site. The sign at the entry marker says the next left. You will think you are entering a private driveway but just follow the lane as it goes left of the house. It will take you down to the cove.

The owner and his son still fish from this cove. They have built this site up themselves with paths and signs. It is a really beautiful spot with a fabulous shoreline and the Hidden Falls. The water was rough the day we were there and we were fortunate enough to meet the owner and his son. They were very friendly and we discussed the fishing, the economy, lifestyle changes etc.

There are two main paths. The first one takes you along the coastline to the west. There are some very peculiar rock formations along this path. The path then loops back to the parking lot. The second path is the one that takes you to the Hidden Falls. You will actually be walking back in the direction of the highway. You will return to your car on the same path. The paths are very well kept and signed. This is a true labour of love for these men, worked on when they cannot go out on the water.

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Sheaves Cove Beach, Port au Port, NL
Sheaves Cove Beach, Port au Port, NL
Sheaves Cove Beach, Port au Port, NL
Sheaves Cove Beach, Port au Port, NL
Sheaves Cove Beach, Port au Port, NL
Hidden Falls at Sheaves Cove, Port au Port, NL
Hidden Falls at Sheaves Cove, Port au Port, NL

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Hikes of Western Newfoundland by Katie Broadhurst and Alexandra Fortin is an excellent guide if you like to do trails. The book covers Western and Central Newfoundland as far east as Twillingate. They don't cover every trail, that's almost impossible. You'll find information on a good range of trails that you should consider.

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You start with the area map where they show the trails that are covered by the book. The pages about each trail include GPS co-ordinates of the trailhead and a good map of the trail. They also tell you the level of difficulty and distances.

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