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La Scie

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Driving into town - La Scie, NL
RV Park - La Scie, NL
Newer Stage - La Scie, NL
Old Stage - La Scie, NL

La Scie is on the North-East corner of the Baie Verte Peninsula. It's a great place to spend a few days. The town has a number of trails set up and you are a short drive from several other pretty small outport communities.

To get to La Scie you take Route 410 North from the Trans Canada. You are driving up the middle of the Baie Verte Peninsula. It's about 60 km until you reach the turn off for La Scie. That's Route 414 which ends in La Scie about 50 km from Route 410. Slow down as you are coming into town. There is a very long steep hill you come down, with an amazing view of La Scie. On the horizon you can see the Horse Islands, which are about 20 km offshore from La Scie.

We stayed at the Island Cove RV Park, which is perched up on a cliff at the North end of town. There are other accommodations in town including a bed & breakfast. The town owns the RV park and two of the great walking trails start at the RV Park. You can also go down a set up stairs which brings you to a beautiful rocky beach.

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Hill coming into town - La Scie, NL
Line-up of Fishing Boats - La Scie, NL
Fishing Boats - La Scie, NL
Docks and Town - La Scie, NL


La Scie has all the services you are going to need. Liquor is available at the Irving Station, which is just across from Critch's, one of two restaurants we visited in town. The second restaurant is called Our Place and it's located at the end of 414 where it meets Water St. There's a grocery store, pharmacy, a couple of gas stations and a couple of hardware stores.

One store we'd suggest you check out is Burton's Hardware & Furniture. It's one on those classic family stores that literally sells everything. Linda likes picking up yarn for her rug hooking and they had a large section of the store for knitters. It's across the road from the Esso station and unfortunately, I did not take any photos.

Red Fishing Boat - La Scie, NL
The Irving - La Scie, NL
Critch's Restaurant - La Scie, NL
Inside Critch's - La Scie, NL

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