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Diamond Cove

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As you are coming out of the ferry terminal in Port aux Basques, the first exit to the right is Route 470, Isle aux Morts. Heading east you will travel about 30 km to reach Diamond Cove. You'll see the sign just before you reach Rose Blanche. There is the main road that takes you into Diamond Cove from Route 470. To reach the ferry dock you will continue a bit further on Route 470 taking a right turn to get down to the dock.

Newfoundland Travel Tip:

If you are coming towards Port aux Basques on the Trans Canada it will look like you are driving into the ferry terminal. You'll pass signs thanking you for visiting the province. Don't be fooled, just before you get to the terminal, there's a final exit for Route 470.

The ferry dock at Diamond Cove provides a passenger (no vehicles) ferry link to the community of La Poile, which is only accessible by ferry. The ferry runs once a day from Diamond Cove in the afternoon. The return ferry runs once a day early in the morning. You will need to schedule a place to stay overnight. The town clerk at Rose Blanche has information on where to stay in La Poile.

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Diamond Cove, near Rose Blanche, NL
Diamond Cove, between Isle aux Morts and Rose Blanche, NL
Diamond Cove, near Rose Blanche, NL
Diamond Cove, near Rose Blanche, NL

Newfoundland Travel Tip:

As you drive along these coastal roads make a point of taking the small side roads that lead to the very small communities. They always provide surprising little gems, be it a beautiful setting, great photo opportunities or a chat with a local.

Diamond Cove Tourist Attraction:

Diamond Cove is surrounded by rocky hills that are heavily laced with white quartz. As such the hills appear to have snow in them. Even on a dull day this feature is quite noticeable.

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Diamond Cove, Fishing Stages, near Rose Blanche, NL
The Ferry Dock for La Poile, Diamond Cove, near Rose Blanche, NL

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