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Shoal Brook

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Shoal Brook is an enclave community in the southern section of Gros Morne National Park. Shoal Brook is on the South Arm of Bonne Bay. To reach Shoal Brook, take the Viking Trail from The Trans Canada Highway at Deer Lake. Turn left onto Highway 431 at Wiltondale. It's a gorgeous 30 km drive from Wiltondale. You'll pass through the communities of Glenburnie and Birchy Head before reaching Shoal Brook.

Shoal Brook is home to The Water's Edge RV Park and Campground. You can camp right on the edge of Bonne Bay. The water can vary from quite rough to glassy calm. There is a noticeable tide here as well. The bay is quite deep off Shoal Brook. If you take the Bonne Bay Boat Tour out of Norris Point, this is normally where they turn to head back to Norris Point at the end of the tour.

It's fairly common to see both minke and hump back whales in Bonne Bay. We watched a couple of hump backs behind our trailer one evening.

Shoal Brook is within 15 minutes of Woody Point, The Gros Morne National Park Interpretation Centre and The Tablelands.

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Shoal Brook, NL on the South Arm of Bonne Bay
Shoal Brook, NL, early morning
Shoal Brook, NL, looking towards Woody Point, NL
Shoal Brook, NL, Water's Edge RV Park
Shoal Brook, NL
Shoal Brook, NL