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Viking 430

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Viking 430 is a roadside stop on the Viking Trail (Highway 430). It's on the east side of the highway, north of the Port au Choix cutoff and south of the Highway 432 intersection.

We stopped here driving north. It was a weekday early in June, so they were not very busy. We went into the restaurant at 12:00 Noon and we were the only ones there. We asked for seafood chowder, and the waitress said she'd have to check if they had any left (no other customers at 12:00 Noon). She came back and told us that there was enough for two bowls. This was the best chowder we've every had in Newfoundland.

We later found out that they only make chowder on certain weekdays. The locals know what day it is, and they all go in during the morning and buy it up, to go.

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Viking 430 Restaurant, Reefs Harbour, NL
Viking 430 Restaurant, Reefs Harbour, NL