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St. Anthony

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Seagulls, St. Anthony, NL
from the boat tour, St. Anthony, NL

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St. Anthony is the home of the only traffic light in the Northern Peninsula. It also has a Tim Horton's. It's the main service community, so you have a good selection of stores, restaurants and a hospital.

St. Anthony has the longest iceberg season in Newfoundland. You are almost assured of seeing them during the month of June. St. Anthony is also a good location to see whales. Northland Discovery Tours has one of the best boat tours in Newfoundland. It's run by the Alcock family. The guide is Paul Alcock, who holds a biology major. He gives excellent information on the whales and sea birds.

We took the tour in early June. A heavy fog rolled in and our departure was delayed a couple of hours. We saw minke whales in the harbour and the iceberg pictured below. It does not look it in the photo, but this one was the size of a 7 storey building. The part you see only represents 1/7th of the iceberg, the rest is underwater. This one had run aground. The crew told us that even though the weather was poor, we'd definitely see an iceberg.

If they can, the crew will fish out some iceberg bits. You can sample ice that's thousands if years old.

Northland Discovery Boat Tour, St. Anthony, NL
Iceberg, St. Anthony, NL

Take time to see the Grenfell Museum when you are in St. Anthony. It's right next to Northland Tours. You'll need at least a couple of hours. It tells the incredible story of Dr. Wilfred Grenfell and his service to Newfoundland and Labrador. The museum also houses an excellent gift shop.

Travel further east on West Street, it changes to Fishing Point Road. You take it out to a scenic point at the end of the habour. You'll see the Lightkeeper's Seafood Restaurant. A white building with red trim, a nice place to grab a meal.