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Sea Breeze RV Park

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The Sea Breeze RV Park is located in Cow Head, an enclave community at the northern end of Gros Morne National Park. To get there, follow the Viking Trail (Route 430) north through the park. Take the first of 2 exits for Cow Head on your left. Follow that road down a little more than 3 km and bear right on Main St. There are signs for the Sea Breeze, directing you in. You turn left on Veterans Road (formerly Pond Road). You than take a hard right onto Corner Road (don't worry, lots of room to turn). You'll see the Sea Breeze on your right.

Robert & Roberta run two businesses here, a B&B and a RV Park. You go into the office of the B&B to check in. They have 8 sites, so it's always a good idea to call ahead. Click here for Sea Breeze contact information.

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Sea Breeze RV Park, Cow Head, NL
3 Way Hook-ups, Sea Breeze RV Park, Cow Head, NL

The sites are gravel and level. I just back in and un-hook. No lego blocks or boards needed for my trailer. The hook-ups are very convenient all next to the post. There's lots of room to put out your slides. The electrical service is 30 amp. There is a grassy area with a picnic table between the sites. There are two modern, clean washrooms and showers that are easy to get to from any of the 8 sites.

The view out in front of your unit is spectacular. Because you are right on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, there are usually no bugs. The tides here are quite noticeable, because the bay in front of the Sea Breeze is very shallow (it's called Shallow Bay).

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Washrooms & Showers, Cow Head, NL
Seabreeze B&B, Cow Head, NL

Cow Head Attractions & Services:

We've been to Gros Morne three times now. For visiting the north side of the park, we like Cow Head the best. It's the closest you can stay to the popular Western Brook Pond boat tour. Cow Head is also home to the Gros Morne Theatre, which is a must do. The Cow Head peninsula is right in front of the Sea Breeze. You just drive a short distance out to the peninsula and there is an amazing trail. You'll also want to check out the beach on the other side of town. It's one of the longest sand beaches in Newfoundland and a great place for a morning walk.

There's a laundromat in town across from the Shallow Bay Motel. There is a very nice grocery and liquor store on the main drag. Cow Head also has two nice restaurants.

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View of Cow Head, NL
Sunset, Cow Head, NL

The Vermouth Story:

The first time we visited the Sea Breeze was in 2011 and we stayed at the Bed & Breakfast. Linda and I like a martini in the evening so we usually travel with a bottle of gin and a bottle of vermouth. When we were ready to head for home, we were out of gin and we still had quite a bit of vermouth. We did not want to take the bottle on the plane, so we asked Roberta if we could just leave it behind and maybe one of their other guests could use it. She said no problem, people were always leaving part bottles of liquor behind for the same reason.

We returned to the Sea Breeze in 2015 with our newly purchased RV. We had run out of vermouth. We had gone to the liquor store in Rocky Harbour and they were out. We went to the liquor store in Cow Head and they didn't even know what it was.

We were sitting in front of the trailer on a beautiful evening enjoying the view and sipping our martinis minus the vermouth. Robert and Roberta were sitting on the porch of the B&B also enjoying the evening. Roberta yelled over and asked if we were drinking martinis. We told her yes, but we could not get vermouth anyplace.

She went inside and came out with a bottle of vermouth explaining that a couple had left it behind a few years ago. That was us, we exclaimed! The next day couples from the B&B were asking if we were the vermouth people.

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