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Lynn's Takeout

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Lynn's Takeout & Convenience, Cox's Cove, Newfoundland
The Menu, Lynn's Fish 'n Chips, Cox's Cove, Newfoundland

Cox's Cove is at the Western end of Admiral Palliser's Trail or Route 440. It starts in Corner Brook as The North Shore Highway. It starts from Riverside Drive in Corner Brook, just east of the railway museum.

The fellows at The Roost in York Harbour encouraged us to take the North Shore Highway to Cox's Cove. We were told that when we were there, we had to find Lynn's Takeout, because her fish 'n chips were the best.

You'll come down a long hill before driving into Cox's Cove. When you get down to the main intersection on the water, stay to the left and head towards the fish plant. You'll see Lynn's Takeout on your left.

We had Lynn's fish 'n chips and we were not disappointed. Lynn is a wonderful host. We got directions to the lookout and also found out about Cox's Cove falls. The lookout is just past the fish plant at the end of the road.

This year (2015), Linda and I spent the month of June in Newfoundland. We came back and stayed for the month of September. On the September trip, my sister Janet and step-mom Erika flew into Deer Lake and joined us for a week in the Corner Brook area. Lunch at Lynn's was Erika's favorite meal of the trip. Lynn makes the best fish 'n chips we've had in Newfoundland (or anyplace else).

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Linda, Lynn, Janet, Erika, Cox's Cove, Newfoundland
Chow Chow

Newfoundland Travel Tip:

We like to travel a little off-season. All of our previous trips were in June. The stay in the Corner Brook area was in September. When you drive out on the south shore to Lark Harbour and Little Port, or the north shore to Cox's Cove, there are not many restaurants. Lynn's was the only one that was open when we were in the area. Lynn runs a little convenience store as well and is open year round. Many businesses in small communities will only be open seasonally. Don't be surprised if places are not open after September 1.

The Chow Chow Story:

On our trip down in September 2015 we stopped at a great restaurant called Fitzgerald's on Cape Breton. We wanted dinner and had some time to kill before we headed to the ferry terminal in North Sydney. We had fish cakes and they were served with chow chow (a.k.a. chow). It's like a relish made from green tomatoes. The folks at Fitzgerald's told me we could definitely get it in Newfoundland. It's sold in stores under the Graves brand name. We found it at the Dominion in Corner Brook.

When we visited Cox's Cove, it was a couple of weeks later and we had run out of chow chow. As you can see by the photos, Lynn has a little convenience store with quite a few items. I asked Lynn if she had chow chow. She replied; You like that stuff?

Turns out Lynn makes her own chow chow and she gave me a jar. That was gone before we headed home a couple of weeks later.