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Jenniex House

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Jenniex House is just south of the Gros Morne Visitors Centre, before you reach Norris Point. Norris Point sits on Bonne Bay where the bay separates into the South Arm and the East Arm.

If you are driving into the north side of Gros Morne National Park on Route 430, just turn at the road for the Visitor's Centre. Follow that road to Pond Road. Turn left and Jenniex House is on your right just up the road as you crest the hill, looking over Norris Point. You can also get to Jenniex House easily from Rocky Harbour. Just take Pond Road south from Main Street in Rocky Harbour.

This is a must stop. From this lofty location you can see Norris Point, Bonne Bay and The Tablelands. The view is breathtaking. Jenniex House is a traditional salt box house that was moved to this location. Jenniex House is both a museum and a craft shop. The friendly staff will answer any questions you may have regarding the house, the original owners, living conditions past and present, and the many hand crafts that are found here.

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Jenniex House, Norris Point, NL
Picture of Joey Smallwood in Jenniex House, Norris Point, NL

As you go through these museums you will more than likely see a picture of Mr. Smallwood. He was instrumental in getting Newfoundland to join confederation in 1949. Not everyone thought it was a good idea but those who did honoured him with pictures in their homes. During political campaigning his entourage would hand out holograms (remember those?) which at the time were very costly.

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View of Norris Point from Jenniex House, Gros Morne, NL
View of Norris Point looking to the left from Jenniex House, Gros Morne, NL