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Corner Brook

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Newfoundland Emporium, Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Newfoundland Emporium, Joey Smallwood Bust
Newfoundland Emporium, Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Newfoundland Emporium, Corner Brook, Newfoundland

From the ferry terminal in Port aux Basques, it's 220 km to Corner Brook. It's all good highway, watch out for moose, we saw one beside the road before we got to the Stephenville cut-off. When you get to Corner Brook, get off the TCH at exit 6 which is Lewin Parkway. You'll find a large shopping complex that includes a Dominion grocery store, Canadian Tire, Walmart and many more. If you are driving an RV, there is lots of parking.

Corner Brook's metro population is about 26,000. It's Newfoundland's second city. It serves the west coast, you'll find pretty much everything you'd see in any other Canadian city. You will immediately notice the spectacular setting. The city is on the eastern end of Humber Arm and surrounded by some of the largest mountains in Newfoundland. It is one of the prettiest cities in Canada.

While in town, make sure you drop by the Newfoundland Emporium. They have everything Newfoundland. You will find crafts, used books, antiques and many eclectic items. I picked up a hologram of Joey Smallwood (Newfoundland's first Premier).

We were told that the hospital was the largest employer in Corner Brook, but the defining feature downtown is the paper mill. Corner Brook is also a cruise ship stop, for the growing North Atlantic cruise industry. We visited in September and were surprised to see a cruise ship docked near the paper mill.

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Cruise Ship, Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Paper Mill, Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Sumptin Fishy, Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Sumptin Fishy, Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Corner Brook Places to Eat:

We stopped in at Sumptin' Fishy for lunch. They have a cute little fish 'n chip shop downtown. The fish cakes is what I'd recommend.

Corner Brook Tourist Attractions:

There is a railway museum on Riverside Drive, featuring rolling stock from Newfoundland's narrow gauge railway. The feature of the display is Locomotive 593 which served 36 years and logged 1.5 million miles on 'the rock'.

The railway served the island for over 100 years before it was shut down. The narrow gauge was chosen to lower costs and to make tighter turns possible. The fastest train in the province was known as 'the Newfie Bullet', with top speeds of 30 mph.

There is a second Newfoundland Railway display on the west coast in Port aux Basques. We've written a blog about the railway and the two displays of narrow gauge rolling stock and locomotives. To see more railway photos and to read the blog, click here.

Corner Brook Propane:

You can get your propane tanks refilled at Battlefield Equipment Rentals on Maple Valley Road (see map below). It's easy to get to, not far from the big shopping complex on Lewin Parkway.

Newfoundland Railway Museum, Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Humbermouth Station, Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Engine 593, Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Newfoundland Railway Museum, Corner Brook, Newfoundland