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Burnt Cape

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Burnt Cape is a very unique part of the island. Because of its' northern location and being surrounded by cold water on 3 sides, this peninsula has an arctic climate. The Cape looks very desolate, but when you look closer you'll see many different arctic flowers and lichen. Some of them are very rare, and some are growing at their southern-most limit.

To get to Burnt Cape, you turn from Highway 430 onto 436, just as you are getting close to St. Anthony. Once you turn onto 436 (which is the road to L'Anse aux Meadows), you turn left again on 437 to Raleigh. You'll pass Pistolet Bay Provincial Park on your way to Raleigh. You can stop here in July and August and ask about guided interpretive tours of The Cape. We were there in early June and none were being offered.

Drive into the town of Raleigh. You can see Burnt Cape across the bay. You just follow the road around the bay. The road out onto The Cape is literally two tire tracks. It's a slow drive, you go out quite a ways and you'll arrive at a large parking area. From there you can follow the walking trails. They ask you to stay on the trails, because the plant life is very fragile.

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Road in, Burnt Cape, Raleigh, NL
Parking area, Burnt Cape, Raleigh, NL
Coastline, Burnt Cape, Raleigh, NL
Sea Caves, Burnt Cape, Raleigh, NL
Orange Lichen, Burnt Cape, Raleigh, NL
Flowers, Burnt Cape, Raleigh, NL
Flowers, Burnt Cape, Raleigh, NL
Flowers, Burnt Cape, Raleigh, NL